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Ambassador Printers Blankets
  • Born together with Iberográfica, Ambassador Logo expresses our blanket business philosophy.
  • A blanket bearing the Ambassador stamp is supposed to deliver perfect prints, always.
    Further to manufacturing a key link in the printing chain, we assist to our clients’ success.
  • Time is overdue to replace Smell, Taste and Colour “Attributes” by positive blanket features:

Homogeneous Textured Layers with well defined Flat Frontiers and Even Thicknesses are crucial both on the Surface and on the Compressible Layers.
The voids on the compressible layer are supposed to be pretty even in size – not too large – and to have a regular distribution.

and to be aware of potential reproduction problems induced by:

Uneffective pre-tensioning (or length equalisation) of warp threads on carcass fabrics will often mean random-like spot inconsistencies.
Wide variation on (total) surface rubber thickness, between batches, equals hazardous makeready experience, suggesting outdated blanket design or equipment.

Ambassador Printing Blankets - Substantive advise on Printing Blankets

Substantive advice based on over 30 years’ field experience.

Optimising Printers Blankets Performance
  • Several printers and technical sales staff have attended to our two-day workshops since 2007. At that time we delivered at AmbarPrint our first half-period informal briefing on blanket literacy.
  • Slowly but steadily, the use of torque wrenches and multi-stage mounting procedures are spreading among our customers. The exact torque values suited for each press model(*) are obviously required.
    But this process has led to the reduction of claims on blankets that do not print correctly “for no reason”.
  • The ABC of blankets’ Grammar could read:

A – A blanket is a Specialty Product, not a consumable. It must be not only Manufactured and Converted, but also Assessed and Handled accordingly.
B – Blankets life may easily increase by 10 times, or more, when handled correctly(**).
C – Please find the answer to the following exercise: What is the point of discussing blanket price to the cent after points A and B were verified to be true.

(*) – Contact us.
(**) – Real case details available.


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