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IberoWIN Conversion System

Service to Offset Printing

Printing Blankets Conversion Technology
  • The standard version of IberoWIN Conversion System divides stock materials in 4 classes: Printers Blankets – Packing Material – Bars – Graphic Inks.
    New classes may be added according with particular converter needs.
    We are in the process of adding new classes like solid gluing tape.
    IberoWIN makes available not only all the particular data details during the conversion process, but also the detailed industrial costs and stocks management information.
    Please find hereunder base definitions used by Printers Blankets Class.
  • The Execution defines the Basic Conversion Operations, including the choice of the cutting method that is best adapted to the blanket manufacturer technology.
  • Web formats use always a two stage cutting procedure where an over-sized format is originally cut.
    In a second stage the sequential trimming of all the format edges is effected.
    Cutting operation takes place on a custom designed high-precision cutting table.
  • Bar fitting and format corner cutting shape and processing details (or punched hole size(s) and coordinates) plus consideration of other technicalities, such as squareness tolerances and stripped area details complete the basic Execution steps.
  • Personalisation includes all the manufacturer specifications that apply to that particular press unit, plus customer particular requirements. Packing and delivery are also considered as they are integral part of the Execution operations.
  • When the Personalisation Code is entered into the respective field, Execution will be re-shaped to the correct Blanket Model. It encompasses now all the conversion details required by the final user for each operation, at that particular instance.
Printing Blankets Personalisation

The personalisation label changes from black to red when the mouse passes over and the respective menu can be accessed by a double click.
Product label has the same functionality and so have, successively, most of the following menus.

  • Each operation shows the respective general instructions, inter-actively modified according with personalisation requirements.