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    Make blanket quality pre-evaluation before print test.
    Reduce makeready time and improve print quality.
    Confer to blankets the status of a speciality product instead of a consumable and you will benefit, at least, with 50 % extra lifetime.
    Consider simple extra measures that allow to optimise permanently printing results.
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    Which type of energy is stored – in the bulge formed at the top rubber layer – by the blanket at the (nip) cylinders’ contact point.
    In which way the initial tensioning operation can influence blanket response predictability.
    In which way diamagnetism and the diamagnetic behaviour of ductile metals and some non-conductive materials may assist in understanding printers blankets.
    What are the facts behind compressible blankets and rubber unique response.
    What is the Quality Factor, Q, of an oscillatory system, in a resonant condition.
    Which peculiarities does resonance present when it occurs at extremely low frequencies.
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