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Come to know IberoWIN – An interactive software Blanket Conversion Manual that meets both the individual press unit details and printer conditions and delivery preferences, with online step-by-step quality control.

Comprehensive encoding of blanket material, including sub-products and manufacturing process details, enabled to build an extensive database making it possible to achieve a truly professional standard in blanket format conversion.

Conversão especializada de blanquetas
Composites, Layers and Components

Studying Blankets, Rubber & Cotton Since 1988

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At the beginning all blankets look alike!
However, only after noting the differences real blanket study starts, relating design to performance.
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We convert printers blankets rolls into formats for web and sheetfed offset presses.
We make qualification tests of every new blanket model from our suppliers at the in-house laboratory.

Handy blanket thickness readings taken at production, are made within 0,005 mm accuracy.
Shore A test affords just a general blanket hardness indication while the µ-hardness test gives a more approximate indication of the blanket press behaviour.
Bar fitting quality onto the blanket is checked with the bar pull strength test.

New blanket models are also analysed under microscope magnification as part of their characteristics evaluation.
Comparative blanket surface analysis allows a rough guess as to their printing quality and press life.
Blanket cross section observation shows in detail blanket structure layers and possible premature blanket thickness loss or heating in service.

Blanket conversion equipment features and manufacturing specifications are also developed, duly completed by the respective user manuals.

Material evaluation, production and after sales reports are carefully archived building an invaluable data base for the challenges ahead.


Iberografica‘s sharp knowledge supported our production into achieving a new efficiency stage. Thank you!

Mr. Manuel Tavares

Mr. Manuel Tavares

Head of Production - Sogapal

I wish other problems were also solved with a programmed annual order.

Eng. António da Costa

Eng. António da Costa

General Director - Unipress

It is amazing how more than a decade has elapsed since your blankets were qualified with us.

Dr. Hernâni Almeida

Dr. Hernâni Almeida

Administrator - Funchalense
Printing Blankets Conversion Specialist

Feed Response Graphs & Tensile Test

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Blanket Technology

Regardless of the undeniable progress of the blanket industry, some aspects of blanket response have stubbornly remained unpredictable, specially when it comes to controlling rubber rebound and blanket feed properties.
It is widely acknowledged how recurrent design attempts to overcome blanket response unpredictability have had its intended goal not confirmed by field results.

The persistent study and research carried in our laboratory, required to satisfy our standards of Blanket Conversion, Commercial Advise and After Sales Service, was rewarded at last:
A significant segment of blankets response has an oscillatory nature.
Due to the very peculiar rubber characteristics, blankets have an innate and most disturbing aptitude to respond resonantly to a wide range of oscillatory stimuli frequencies.
Those stimuli are typically external, such as press vibration and the cyclic bump preceding every new copy and may generate a resonant reaction in one or more of the blanket layers…
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